What we do

At The Book Edit we’ve designed a range of editorial services to help get your manuscript into its best possible shape.

Developmental Editing

Sometimes called structural or content editing, developmental editing is our most intensive service and involves an editor going deep into your novel or short story and helping figure out what’s working and what needs reworking. Typically a developmental editor will:

  • read your manuscript paying particular attention to story, genre, plot, pace, character, dialogue, setting, voice, structure and tone.

  • produce detailed notes on your manuscript, including areas that need developing and suggestions for rewrites.

  • provide tracked changes and comments embedded into the text to illustrate areas in need of further work.

My debut novel is based on a story I first showed to Emily. Her perceptive feedback and support gave me the courage to expand it into a book.
— Luiza Sauma, Flesh and Bone and Water, Viking and forthcoming Everything You Ever Wanted

Line Editing

If you’d like more input on your writing on a line-by line basis, then you may want to consider a line edit. Our line editors will look at the way you use language to communicate your story and suggest changes to the writing where they see potential for that language to be clearer.

You will receive two documents on return of the line edit: one with tracked changes so that you can see what the suggested changes might be. The other a ‘clean’ copy with the suggested changes accepted so that you can read how it might sound should you accept all the edits.


Proofreading is the final polish on your manuscript. If you’re ready to submit to an agent or publisher or are ready to self-publish, you’ll need that final pair of eyes on your work to make sure there are no pesky errors. Typically a proofreader will look for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation errors; correct page numbering; text alignment and spacing; headings; font size and style.


If you’re not sure which service you need, or just want to book in some time to discuss your emerging ideas, get in touch to see how we can help.

Emily has been helpful at every stage of the process, from generating ideas to finding the right publisher: I was really impressed by her attention to detail and knowledge of independent presses.
— Simon Holmes, Nineveh Fades, The Lanyard.

Full Mentoring & editing Package

Writers in the final stages of completing a full draft can also apply for a brand new selective scheme, the Writers’ Studio Full Mentoring & Editing Package, offered in association with The Ruppin Agency. This features six monthly mentoring sessions, a one-to-one meeting with a literary agent and a detailed developmental edit of your manuscript. For more information on this scheme please contact studio@ruppinagency.com.

industry contacts

We also provide advice on literary agent submissions, including synopses and covering letters, book proposals, self-publishing, and marketing yourself as an author. 

If we spot serious potential in your writing, we are well connected to top UK-based literary agents to whom we can make recommendations.