The Book Edit has some standard Terms and Conditions:

Where a job is accepted, The Book Edit aims to complete within 4-6 weeks or within the deadline specified, but failure to do so will not be considered breach of contract. The Book Edit will not commence editing until payment has been cleared. Payment can be made by bank transfer only. For the fee agreed with the client, The Book Edit undertakes to read and comment on the manuscript (MS) as per the emailed correspondence between client and The Book Edit. No refunds are available where an edit has been completed and delivered. If anything in the specified editorial report requires clarification, the client is permitted to ask a maximum of up to ten follow-up questions to the editor. Editorial reports and the contents therein are strictly confidential. Do not share, forward, extract or quote in part or in full without the prior consent of the Book Edit. The copyright of the client’s work is automatically theirs and remains theirs at all times.  The copyright of the editorial notes remains with The Book Edit. Permission should be sought from The Book Edit before quoting these notes, for example to agents or on personal websites. The Director match-makes each client to the most appropriate editor. The Director’s decision is final in the choice of this editor. The Book Edit reserves the right to return your work and payment to you should we fail to find a suitable editor. In these exceptional circumstances, a full refund will be issued. Manuscripts must be double-spaced, in 12 point font with page numbers inserted, and printed on single sides of A4, unbound and numbered. The Book Edit aims to communicate promptly, honestly and discreetly. It is the client's responsibility to voice any concerns about any part of the editing process. All editorial reports, agent recommendations, and other editorial consultation and correspondence is professional opinion only, based on editorial experience, and not in any way legally binding. We cannot return your MS without a SAE with sufficient postage to cover the weight of your work. If no SAE is included, your MS will be confidentially recycled.  Refunds can be processed up until the point an editor has been assigned and the MS sent to them, thereafter refunds will not be possible. In cases where you wish to lodge a complaint, we ask that you send us a letter or email and we will do our utmost to resolve the situation. We do ask however that any feedback of this nature be submitted to us within no longer than six weeks of receipt of your report in order to help us resolve issues whilst the editor has the text relatively fresh in their mind. We cannot take responsibility for work lost in the post, so please ensure you have a back-up at home. Recommendations to agents or publishers will only be made after an assessment if both the editor and The Book Edit team deem your work to be potentially marketable. In the event that we wish to forward your work to agent or publishers on your behalf, we will never do so without seeking your permission first. We expect clients to behave in a professional manner and reserve the right to stop working with a client should their manner be offensive to our staff. We reserve the right not to process work if we deem it to be unacceptably offensive.