What we do

At The Book Edit we want to help you become a better writer and tell a better tale. We offer both editorial consultation and developmental edits so you can find the service that suits you now. 


Editorial Consultation

If you are at the beginning of a novel, or have written a chapter or two and would like some feedback on your emerging ideas, we can help. 

Emily broke down the process of writing a novel into sizable chunks, and before long, I had an outline and then the first several chapters.
— Rachel Mann, On Blackberry Hill, winner of Young Adult Jewish Book Award 2016


We tailor each consultation to the writer's particular needs. Every consultation is different but typically it will include a professional assessment of your project with guidance on how to move forward. 

Emily has been helpful at every stage of the process, from generating ideas to finding the right publisher: I was really impressed by her attention to detail and knowledge of independent presses.
— Simon Holmes, Nineveh Fades, The Lanyard.


We also provide advice on agent submissions, including synopses and covering letters, book proposals, self-publishing, and marketing yourself as an author. 

Industry Contacts

If we spot serious potential in your writing, we are well connected to top UK-based literary agents to whom we can make recommendations.

Developmental Editing

You've completed a draft of your novel or short story. Now what? You need an editor to engage with your story and help you figure out what's working and what needs reworking.

My debut novel is based on a story I first showed to Emily. Her perceptive feedback and support gave me the courage to expand it into a book.
— Luiza Sauma, Flesh and Bone and Water, Viking

A developmental edit looks at a whole draft of a novel or short story and makes suggestions for improvements. Areas explored include: story, genre, plot, pace, character, dialogue, setting, voice, structure and tone. You will receive notes on the manuscript as well as tracked changes embedded in the text. (Please note, this is not the same as line editing.) Developmental editing is concerned with the big picture, at the macro level: is this story really working? What would make it work better? What needs clarifying? An invaluable tool for anybody who wants to take their writing to the next level.

Emily is different from other editors - I had a consistent feeling that she was experiencing my manuscript as a story not just a job...It was a warm and reassuring experience. I recommend it to all authors or would-be novelists.
— Shahrukh Husain, A Restless Wind